Hey! Welcome to the site!!

Hey everyone! I'm Heather! I'm Mary-Kate! And I'm Yuliana! And we are Fusion! Thanks for visiting our website! We are the new teen pop band trying our hardest to become famous superstars!!! Here on our website explore playing games looking at pictures, videos of our band. We will keep you updated!



Hey Fusion Fans! Sorry we havn't been on our website for a while. We have been very busy lately. From now on we will keep you updated everyday! Thanks for supporting us!


Hey Fusion fans! Fusion has had an amazing experience this week. We were all three best friends shopping at the mall when a little girl came up to us stuttering.... she managed to say are you fusion? Of course we replied yes!! So she asked for our autograph!!!! So we signed her wallet.. and she said she would cherish it forever... it was an experience of a lifetime <3


Hey Fusion fans!! We are making a blog! So we can keep you updated on what Fusion is alwayysss doing!!!

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